Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I like to think of London as a "ten percenter."  Sure, every baby can claim something unique about they way they entered into this world.  For my baby it was being one of the very few who are actually born on their due date.  I wish I had a crystal ball that would have told me he would be on time, though.  As a self-admitted control freak, the worst part of going into my last month of pregnancy was the looming labor and the fact that London seemed to be the only one who knew when that would start.  He would come when he was ready and I had no choice but to wait around and be surprised.  He came on the evening before Valentine's Day after a few days of trying to break out and a whole lotta hell for Mommy on the way.  Clearly, weighing in at over nine pounds, he was getting a little cramped and needed some breathing room.  I appreciate the fact that my son has good time management skills.  Hang out for about 9.5 months, be mindful of the deadline to get out and make your way to the light right on schedule.  I'm hoping he'll carry this being on time trait with him through life.  I think his future teachers, girlfriends and bosses will really appreciate it.  Wait.  Bosses?  I mean, employees.

London truly is my Valentine.  He was born on the eve of Valentine's Day and like any good little boy the first gift he gave to the love of his life (mommy, for now) was a heart shaped Tiffany necklace with the word "Mom" on it.  Was I not the luckiest woman in the world on February 13, 2012?  I had my beautiful, healthy baby boy...and he came bearing Tiffany.  I would be remiss not to add my wonderful husband into the equation.  What else could a girl ask for??  Coming on V-Day Eve was smart in many ways, so well played Son.  When he's old enough to party for his birthday, his friends won't have the excuse that they have to go out with their girlfriends.  Plus, it's close enough to the holiday to have that cute association, but without having to share.  Now, for a girl sharing V-Day with a birthday would be a drag because it's a double-dip...or on the other end of the spectrum, it's so completely depressing if she doesn't have a date.  For a guy - most of whom obviously hate this holiday - it would be more of a drag.  Damn, it's my birthday and I have to pretend to care about this stupid "holiday" and buy this chick I'm not even sure I like a gift?  Or I have to proactively dump her before V-Day and be alone on my birthday?  What's a guy to do.

Please note....I will be sure to teach my son not to spend time with women he's not sure he likes.  Rude.And he will not refer to these lovely creatures as "chicks."  This will alleviate a lot of birthday/V-day confusion.  Plus, it just makes sense doesn't it??  Why do guys need to be taught this?  London is clearly brilliant, but I'm also certain there's something in the male DNA that somehow means you can be brilliant and still need a little guidance in this area.  The good news is that London has Mommy to teach him not to waste a woman's time.  He has Daddy to teach him how to make the women he does like very happy - much like he did with that perfectly blue box for Mommy on Valentine's Day!

As I sit here and type while my amazing little London naps on the bed next to me, I can't help but think of Jerry Maguire.  He had me at "whaa"!  He could have been a week early or a week late...or right on time.  He could have showed up empty handed or with that Tiffany box (via Daddy).  He could have been bald or with that full head of hair he had.  He could have been a six pounder or my big boy.  He could have had challenges or been blessed with good health.  Life changed for the better on that Valentine's Eve and every day I thank God and my lucky stars it did. 

-London's Mommy    

Saturday, June 2, 2012

They say having a child will change your life.  That makes sense.  It's kind of a big deal after all.  When you're gearing up for the little one to arrive, you read all kinds of books, take classes, listen to "Mommies" and shop your little heart out trying to get ready.  But, the truth is you can never really be prepared for the shock to your carefree system.  No amount of advice (welcome or otherwise) will get you set up for the big event.  It's one of those things you just have to experience firsthand.  And when you do...it's sink or swim! 

I waited until the ripe old age of 37 to have my son, London.  You would think an old lady like me - relatively speaking - would have a leg up.  I've seen most of my friends have kids.  Most of my co-workers are also parents.  I thought I'd heard and seen enough through the years to at least fall into the semi-pro status in the world of children.  Reality is I was still a rookie when they put him in my arms.  And when they kicked me out of the hospital, they forgot to send me home with the manual.

London is almost four months now.  So far, we are both surviving and so is Daddy.  Every day is an exhausting, crazy, memorable, amazingly delicious day with London.  I decided to write this blog because I want to share it all.  The good, the less good, the messy, the funny, the oh so awesome it breaks your heart moments.  And...since babies come with so much stuff and it's all so confusing, I want to share what we discover as we navigate that world of baby stuff.  I'm amazed at the the things in my life now that I simply can't live without!

Whether you're a parent, hope and plan to be a parent, or never care to be one, I invite you on this journey of raising London.  I welcome your feedback too!

-London's Mommy